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Writing is not my profession, but it is certainly something I enjoy. This newsletter is becoming my outlet for all of my fiction writing and by subscribing you’ll be among the first to read things as they come out.

What kind of genres do I write? I don’t think I’ve found a specific niche just yet, but so far I’ve written a bit of science fiction, historical fiction, dystopian future, and alternate history. I’ll be putting some of my previous works in the newsletter along with a short novel that I wrote a few years ago. If you like having things in physical form you can find some of the stories I’ve written in my collection Libertas et Veritas.

The novel was really the catalyst for this project from the outset. I had a mostly-finished novel tucked away on the computer and just had let it sit for quite a while. Then one day I hit on the idea of publishing it as a series over the course of a few (many?) months.

The serial novel has a rich tradition (Charles Dickens being, perhaps, the most famous practitioner of the art) and it would be interesting to see whether Substack might be one means of reviving it. In addition, the regular schedule of putting up new chapters might be just the incentive I need to finally finish the novel. My first novel, Defying Conventions (reviewed here), is available in full now through Amazon, and the sequel, Fit for Freedom is being posted currently (from July 6, 2021).

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Joseph W. Knowles
Joseph W. Knowles lives and works (and less frequently, writes) in Southeastern Virginia. SDG.